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Outdoor use led light box


Outdoor used led light box is weather proof
Open the door with keys then change your posters
Most common size A1 A2 A3 A4 A0
3D laser graving light guide panel, 6mm thickness
Composite aluminum back panel and acrylic cover

Our led light are imported from Taiwan, it is the most important part of a led light box. We offer one year¡¯s guarantee on our led light and the adaptor. The light guide panel is 3D laser graving and the engraved dots decide how the light spread. And our led light box¡¯s uniformity is over 93%, this is our technology advantage.

This is a kind of led light box, lockable, waterproof and outdoor use. Voltage range is from 110V to 240V. The most import thing is we offer one year¡¯s guarantee of our led light and adaptor, and we offer 5 years guarantee of our engraved light guide panel for light decease.



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