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Acrylic display cable system


Acrylic cable system is versatile item
Set cable system using our display pockets
Wall to wall, ceiling to wall, floor to wall
Suitable for standard paper size A3 and A4
Using fixings to install the item

Our of our cable systems are based on our display pockets-----single pockets or double pockets and triple pockets

Single pockets cable system


If you want to fix one or more pockets on a cable system, please inquired the item like this, make a instance here, if you want to one more pocket WD-ACS-S, you should inquired as WD-ACS-2S, if two more WD-ACS-3S.

We always export our products packed in standard packaging. In order to not let customers be worried about the transportation. We usually put several cartons of packed products onto a plastic pallet, this makes the products much safer during transportation and customers can reuse the pallet in their warehouse to keep their stocks.


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