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A board


Double sided poster A board, 32mm profile
Easy to fold and carry
Posters protected by anti glare sheet
Frame snaps open for easy changing of posters
Galvanized stainless steel back panel

A board made by wazz display is suitable to display sign and posters, and also very widely used on shop, bank, super market, bus station all most all of public places. Snap open the aluminum profile, put and change your posters, then cover the front anti-glare protective PVC cover, snap close the aluminum profile at the end.

We can also supply this A frame with header or with side basket according to customer¡¯s actual need. We have a lot of experiences of changing this product. As you know, we can change the back panel with other material such as plastic or wood panel, it all depends on our clients actual need.

All of our pavement sign are exported to other countries, for it¡¯s practical and easy operation. And also our fair pricing and quality products always help our customers meet their clients need and make them more competitive.

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